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If you’re looking for perfection, I’m not sure you’re in the right place.

Here, you’ll experience a photographic journey like no other, and I’ll provide you photos that reflect who you are. Not your masks. You.

I am a photographer of life. Real life. And life, sometimes, is chaotic, messy and imperfect.

I’m here to capture your chaos, your imperfections. My photos are perfectly imperfect. Whether it’s in your living room or on a hike, in a café or else… I don’t do studio sessions. It’s too sterile and doesn’t look like real life.

What I want is that people feel beautiful just as they are.

So, we are going to work together to create natural, unposed, and genuine photos of you (and your family/close ones, if applicable).

I take pictures of :

I'm a colorful photographer

Lifestyle photography has been my profession since 2011.

I started with weddings and boudoir, gradually adding families and babies to my repertoire.

In 2016, I decided to start working with businesses, after saying “no, no, no” for 5 years. It was when I discovered the work of a jeweler that I realized I wanted to capture artisans while they were making their products, helping them show off this aspect of their work to their clients.

Weddings taught me so much! I applied all that I learnt to work with businesses: a natural light hunter, in love with emotions, detail-oriented, and able to adapt quickly. A wedding goes by quickly, and a thousand things happen, so you learn to do a bit of everything in a short time.

And now, I’m happy to continue photographing weddings and families, offering my services to businesses who are just as colorful as I am.

photo : Marie Deschene

The photo session? Child’s play.

You couldn’t be more right… In fact, we’re going to play together. I’ll make you forget the camera, and you’ll finally have photos that truly reflect you.

Together, we’ll release your joy, and I’ll capture your moments of laugh.

We'll have fun working together if you

  • radiate spontaneity and naturalness
  • desire authentic photos that reflect who you are
  • have the courage to reveal different sides of your personality
  • dislike stiff poses
  • value human connection above all
  • are ready to overcome your insecurities
  • are okay with getting a little messy

You might be disappointed if you:

  • like perfectly polished, retouched photos
  • prefer studio and formal photos
  • want things to be quick
  • aim for a composed expression in your photos
  • tend to prefer black and white photos

natural, colorful and joyful photos

Your turn to step in front of my lens !

aurore degaigne photographe colorée montréal
crédit photo : Marie Deschene


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