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(des photos d’entreprise avec du pep’s)

Montreal corporate & event photographer

Stand out with beautiful corporate photography

Whether you are a small business offering services or products, or a bigger company, your online presence realy matters to reach your clients and stand out your brand.

You have invested (either money or time) in a logo, a graphic charter, a website. You have thought about a signature, but above all, you have identified the values that drive the heart of your business.

Corporate photography is an essential tool to communicate these values and your company culture. Whether you are in catering, craftsmanship, marketing, translation, art, beauty, training, or e-commerce, good professional photos are essential for all your communication channels.

Social media have a key role, you know it. They directly impact your sales. Every day, over 100 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram. To showcase your expertise and share your values with your clients, turn to a Montreal corporate photographer who will provide you with photos that reflect your identity or your company’s.

Commercial photos that tell your story

My sensitivity and ability to grasp the nuances of your business allow me to create images that reflect your values and the quality of your products and/or services.

Portraits of you and your team, photos that showcase the diversity of your skills, unique memories of your company events… You can use these photos on your website and also on your professional social medias.

My 12 years of expertise in corporate photography at your service

I started lifestyle photography in 2011, and since then, I’ve had the privilege of capturing unique moments, including those for businesses.

Each of my corporate photographs is the result of careful consideration of light, color, and emotion.

My favorite companies as a Montreal corporate photographer

Some of my favorite companies to work with share some common characteristics, including :

  • A strong connection with ecology 
  • Small businesses
  • A human-centered approach to the business
Your company doesn’t have to check all these points, but if it does, it’s even better. It means that we should already get along well on several points.

My various services as a Montreal corporate photographer

Business portraits photography in Montreal

I capture the personality of every individual or team I photograph. My photos convey how interesting and approachable each person is, enticing clients to learn more about the professional they are working with.

Corporate events photography in Montreal

During a corporate cocktail or any corporate event, I’m everywhere. Invisible, I navigate through the guests, on the lookout for the best photos I can capture.

Product and food photography in Montreal

I love photographing products, especially food! However, I maintain my lifestyle touch for these photos: I show the context around the products, aim to tell a story, and steer clear of the studio e-commerce photos that I find unpleasant🤢 .

Crédit photo : Marie Deschene

Hi! I'm Aurore, a Montreal business photographer

I learned everything through wedding photography, which I started in 2011.

In 2015, I began photographing businesses after discovering the work of a jewelry artisan, particularly his drawings.

Since then, I’ve been sharing my love for lifestyle photography with businesses as well.

My photos are natural, aiming to showcase that your business is primarily human and approachable.

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