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(Guaranteed 100% natural photos, no posing required.)


I know you’re looking for a wedding photographer, but you’re realizing it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, aren’t you?

You’re probably looking for a photographer who can see everything and be invisible…

🙋‍♀️ That’s where I come in: I’m that needle, that person who can be everywhere at once without you even realizing it 😊.

My human approach to wedding photography

I’m sorry to disappoint you : I don’t have an invisibility cape.

However, my clients say I can seamlessly blend into the crowd, and they appreciate the fact that I am like a family member on the big day.

I’m passionate about my job, which I’ve been doing for 12 years, and I love adding a touch of joy to my photos to bring a lightness to this precious day you’re preparing.

photo de mariage d'un couple d'hommes posés sur un muret portant chacun un costume bleu


photo d'un couple ému aux larmes pendant la cérémonie de leur mariage
photo mariage cocktail moment important avec la grand mere de la mariee
sortie de cérémonie d'un couple vêtu de tartan

My artistic vision as a Montreal wedding photographer is:

❤️ remember every moment

From the moment you get ready to your first dance with your lover, including the venue’s decor, I want you to remember every detail of the atmosphere on your beautiful day. Even the little moments are precious!

💛 immerse you in the heart of emotions

This day will be emotionnaly intense. You will relive all the joy that crossed your path because I will have sincerely captured those true emotions you experienced.

💛 blend seamlessly among your guests

Even those who are usually uncomfortable in front of the camera will have beautiful photos of themselves. I perfectly blend in among the guests on the big day. This ensures that they’ll be themselves in the photos, and so will you.

❤️ be everywhere all at once

And even where you least expect me (okay, not in the bathroom, that’s my limit 😅). I usually work alone, but I’m everywhere, and you won’t even feel like I’m there.

❤️ Simple and authentic photos

I’m not a competition machine nor an artist. I work for you, and I will capture the moments you experience on this beautiful day with simplicity. No retouching or whimsical poses, just real colors, tangible emotions…

💛 create your family heritage

Photographing your wedding, for me, is so much more than just being there and capturing everything that happens. It’s about creating your family heritage together, allowing you to relive these memories for years and years and share them with the younger generations.












Candid Wedding Photojournalist in Montreal

I am part of this new generation of modern wedding photographers who prioritize natural and spontaneous moments over “posed” photos.

It doesn’t mean you won’t have any “posed” photos at all. In fact, in the end of the cocktail, we’ll take some time for the two of you for couple photos, and we’ll probably take some more “posed” photos with your loved ones if you want some.

But for the rest of the day (around 90% of the time), I won’t interfere. I won’t ask you to pose like this nor like that.


Couple photos

During these couple photos, I’ll suggest games to make you forget about the camera. My goal is to capture natural photos with your spontaneous reactions.

We usually take around 20 to 30 minutes where we step away from the guests.

This allows you to have your own love bubble, just the two of you. And it results in beautiful wedding photos that truly reflect you, not too posed.

Family and guests photos

We’ll also take some traditional family photos if you want some. It’s not mandatory, but it ensures you have at least one photo of each important person for you.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of those pictures (probably neither are you), but as these are photos with the most important people for you, they are important to me.

Generally, I recommend a maximum of 5 to 10 groups for this part, so it takes us a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes (if well-organized). Don’t worry, we’ll discuss it when we review the wedding schedule a few weeks before the big day, and I’ll give you some tips for organizing them well.

préparatifs du marié tous pour un un pour tous
les préparatifs de la mariée à Montréal
habillage du marié photographe mariage montreal


I discovered photography in 2009 and turned it into my profession in 2011.

Thanks to this extensive experience as a Montreal wedding photographer, I’ve learned to:

  • adapt to all lights and environments,
  • recognize what will look good and what may not,
  • capture diverse photos from different angles,
  • manage time if you don’t have a wedding planner,
  • provide valuable advice for all the little details of your wedding.
captured weddings


Crédit photo : Marie Deschene

Hi! I'm Aurore, a wedding photographer in Montreal.

I am the wedding photographer in Montreal you are looking for if you want your photos to reflect the joy, love, and good vibes of your big day.

I aim to showcase the true beauty of people, so I don’t retouch my photos on Photoshop (I’m talking about removing or adding things in the photo – of course, I do post-processing to add my artistic touch). I love capturing real moments, which is why I primarily shoot candidly.

For me, emotions are crucial. They reveal the truth of the moment, and that’s exactly what fascinates me about photography.

I enjoy seeing people laugh and capturing the sincerity of their emotions. I’m so smiley myself that I’m getting wrinkles 😅.

Aurore is a beautiful person: friendly, tolerant, open minded, respectful, funny, sensitive... with beautiful values.












Each package includes:

  • an initial meeting for the three of us to ensure I’m the right photographer for both of you (and to capture wedding photos that truly reflect your personalities)
  • my expertise and positive energy, so you can focus only on your happiness, and photos won’t be an additional stress on your big day
  • complimentary travel within a 50km radius of Montreal (additional travel fees may apply if your wedding is further)
  • all digital photos in high definition, because it’s dreadful to choose among all the beautiful photos from this day (after my selection, of course; you don’t need the ones with your sister half-closing her eyes).
  • a private gallery to share your photos with your guests (you can even create guests groups and provide access to specific photos for certain groups only 😍)

Prices starting from $1900. Contact me for details on the packages I offer.

Barbe à papa (12h)



  • 12H de présence le jour J
  • tri + post-traitement des photos (20h)
  • 700 à 900 photos numériques HD
  • galerie privée pour partager les photos
  • séance fiançailles offerte

Pomme d’amour (8h)



  • 8H de présence le jour J
    (jusqu’à 8 PM maxi)
  • tri + post-traitement des photos (14h)
  • 400 à 600 photos numériques HD
  • galerie privée pour partager les photos

Sucre d’orge (4h)



  • 4H de présence le jour J
    (jusqu’à 8 PM maxi)
  • tri + post-traitement des photos (8h)
  • 200 à 300 photos numériques HD
  • galerie privée pour partager les photos












How does a wedding photo coverage with me unfold?

Before the wedding

1. A first call to see if we’ll get along well

Extremely important, even more for a wedding than another photo service. Just imagine, you hire a photographer without taking the time to meet them before the big day, and they make it a bad experience on your wedding day… That could overshadow all the memories of your wedding. This applies to any service provider, actually. That’s why choosing only based on priceing, without meeting the person, doesn’t really work.

2. You book the package of your choice

After our meeting, I’ll send you the booking link, where you can select the package of your choice. I require a 30% deposit to secure the date of your wedding in my calendar, which is non-refundable (but we can convert it into a photo session in case of a major event that forces you to cancel your wedding).

3. Reviewing the schedule of your big day

A few weeks before your wedding, we’ll go over the schedule, either via video call, phone, or email. 

We’ll discuss about the best moments for couple and family photos, double-check addresses, etc.

On the wedding day

1. Big day

I’ll meet you at the agreed-upon location, usually when you get ready.

After that, I’m with you all day, whether everything takes place in one location or not. I’ll follow you and capture everything happening around you to preserve the memories of your wedding for decades.

2. When I get home

When I get home, I transfer the memory cards to my computer, ensuring I make three backups on three different media. The goal is to take no risk of losing your photos, as they are precious to both you and me, especially since we can’t redo the photos, unlike a photo session.

A few days later (to discover your wedding with fresh eyes), I sort and post-process your photos. This is where I add my personal touch, my beautiful colors, and refrain from retouching on Photoshop 😉.

After the wedding

1. I deliver your gallery

When I finish processing your photos, I deliver your private gallery (and of course, you let me know right away what you thought of the photos 🤩).

2. You download your photos

You can download individual photos or the complete gallery.

I recommend downloading everything to your computer (and backing up the photos on multiple devices) and downloading a few individually to your phone so you can view your favorite photos no matter where you are.

3. You share the photos with your guests

You can create a special password for each category of guests (for example, you send the link without the evening to those who weren’t there).

You can also hide certain photos that you don’t want everyone to see (I’m thinking especially of the photos while you are getting ready, in case your underwear is visible 🙃).

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aurore degaigne photographe colorée montréal
crédit photo : Marie Deschene


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Do you still have some questions about the work of your Montreal wedding photographer?

Typically, I offer a payment in 2 installments: an initial payment to reserve the date, and the second payment at the latest on the day of the wedding.

If you need to spread the payments a bit more, we can discuss it together.

This session serves primarily to get to know each other. The idea is for you to feel comfortable with me and in front of my camera, to have even more beautiful photos on your big day.

And, the photos will allow you to have wonderful memories of your relationship.

The packages are customizable in the sense that you reserve the package that includes the minimum you need, and then you can add any additional options you want (either at the time of booking or later).

Generally, I deliver a wedding within 3 to 4 weeks after the D-day. If the deadline is to be exceeded, you will obviously be informed. And if I deliver them to you more quickly, well, that will be a good surprise 🤩.

I always work with 2 cameras at a wedding, so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen. Both of these cameras have 2 memory cards each, and they copy the photos to both cards at the same time.

When I get home, I make a triple backup to eliminate any risk of losing the photos.

After all that, if a technical issue arises, we’ll discuss it case by case, but usually we’re pretty well prepared.

Yes, of course. And they are made in Canada! You can choose to add an album at the time of booking or whenever you want.

I capture candid moments. My journalistic approach means that I will primarily represent the reality of what happens on your wedding day.

For the couple photos, we’ll try to go outside when it’s not raining too much. And if it rains all day, we’ll either do indoor photos or use a transparent umbrella if you have one, or even embrace the rain (it can be fantastic, just be ready to get a little wet).

I travel wherever you want! (with additional fees beyond 50km around Montreal).

pose tendre d'un couple de jeunes mariés à montreal

You tell me everything about your wedding?

I travel anywhere in Canada, with or without additional fees depending on the location and my travel plans.

For Europe, I regularly visit Lille and Avignon (France). My travel expenses will be charged from these two cities and during the periods when I’ll be there.

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