Montreal corporate headshots photographer

(Guaranteed without boring corporate studio photos)

Say goodbye to boring corporate photos and add some pep to your professional image!

I offer you photos where you can finally be yourself 🙂. Photos that will help you attract clients who resonate with you.

No, studio photos are not the only way to look credible on your website!

For a long time, we thought it was necessary to have studio photos to look serious. That corporate flat photos were synonymous with credibility with clients.

Times are changing.

Today, it’s super important to have a more human approach to marketing. Closer to your clients. They need to see your face to feel confident before buying your product or service.

And that’s what I offer you with the lifestyle corporate portrait.

Come on, I’ll take you into my colorful world.

My human approach to corporate headshots

I work exclusively in lifestyle, and YES, even for professionals.

Don’t call me for a portrait with a studio background; I won’t give my best. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’d better look elsewhere to see if another photographer might better suit your needs.

photographe de portraits corporatifs lifestyle à Montréal - photo d'un client assis au comptoir d'un café regardant vers l'objectif

What is lifestyle corporate headshots ?

It’s about corporate photos that aren’t bland, not too corporate, but reflect who you are.

It hurts so much when you realize that your client made a mistake in choosing you as their service provider, doesn’t it?

But what if it wasn’t their fault, but yours?

What if it was because the image you convey on your website and social medias was the opposite of the values you promote, the opposite of who you are?

In your lifestyle corporate portrait session, I want to:

  • help you look like yourself,
  • provide more context to your clients,
  • prove them how professional and human you are,
  • show them how you work, the tools you use, etc…

Imagine showing your clients who you really are, at work or in your personal life. We could capture your passions, for example (running, mountain biking, hiking, rollerblading, music, painting, etc.).

The goal? Attract clients who look like you, with whom you will feel super comfortable, and for whom you will work with a real pleasure.


femme qui sourit pour son portrait corporatif lifestyle à Montréal
femme qui lit son carnet de notes au bord d'un lac pour ses portraits corporatifs lifestyle à Montréal

My experience in lifestyle corporate headshots in Montreal

Lifestyle photography has been my passion since 2009 and my profession since 2011.

Thanks to this big experience, I have learned to:

  • adapt to all types of light and environments,
  • recognize what will look good and what may not,
  • create diverse photos so that you don’t feel like you’re always publishing the same images,
  • expertly organize your session with you,
  • provide valuable advice for your choice of locations and clothing.

You can expect a quality at least equal to what you liked on my website. Each session contributes to my growth and evolution in my profession. Feel free to visit my blog for inspiration and to see the entirety of my work.


What sets me apart as a lifestyle corporate headshots photographer in Montreal is:

Vibrant colors that make you stand out

I love color, and I fully embrace it.

My colors reflect my dynamic personality combined with my joyful view of life.

Your smile, combined with my vibrant colors, will make you stand out and be remarkable. Your photo will be remembered when it appears on the Internet because it stands out from those of your competitors.

Photos where you'll look comfortable

I want you to have a good time and be yourself. I want the photo session be above all a moment of exchange between you and me, and that the photos are just the cherry on top.

Your session is a moment of connection between you and me. I make you forget that you’re being photographed.

No photoshop

Who would I be if I told you I wanted to capture all your authenticity but then retouched every photo pixel by pixel?

I work on color correction, contrast, cropping, and brightness in the photos, but I don’t send them into Photoshop to smooth your skin or alter some areas.

I want people to feel beautiful just as they are, so it starts with not cheating, not lying, and highlighting you from the moment the picture is taken.

No rigid poses or forced smiles

I want to capture your smile, let’s be clear, but I’ll go get it.

So that your smile is natural. So that it looks like you. So that it’s not the forced smile you make when Aunt Jeanette takes your picture.

Aurore immediately made me feel comfortable, especially considering that I usually freeze in front of the camera.

A 100% personalized session that looks like no one else but you

A corporate headshots session with me is tailor-made. I don’t work on a production line, and I don’t apply a method that I reproduce for each session.

We work together, as a team. We go on an adventure together. And it’s you who inspires me…


Crédit photo : Marie Deschene

Hi! I'm Aurore, a photographer specializing in not-too-corporate corporate portraits in Montreal.

Since 2011, I’ve photographed hundreds of clients. Starting with professional photography through wedding coverage, I’ve learned to adapt and master various photographic domains.

I’ve chosen the lifestyle approach, and I’m not a fan of studio photography. Being confined and limited to a single location doesn’t suit me. I need freedom for both myself and the person I’m photographing.

I’m skilled in posing while also mastering the art of making you forget my camera. My work is a good compromise between the two.











lifestyle corporate headshots pricing in montréal

These are the packages for solopreneurs. If your business has employees, contact me to learn more about the packages I offer for corporate headshots in the workplace.




possibility to pay monthly
($225 + tax per month for 12 months)

  • 2 preparation meetings
  • 4 sessions of 2h
  • 4 x 20 photos* to choose from the gallery
  • 1 to 2 different locations for each session (only a few minutes walk apart)
  • 2 to 3 different outfits per session
* Si tu le souhaites, tu pourras ajouter des photos supplémentaires quand tu verras ta galerie.




payable in 1 or 2 installments at no extra cost

  • Preparation meeting
  • Half-day (3 to 4 hours) together to create your photos
  • All photos (at least 100, no need to choose 🤩)
  • 2 to 3 locations that may require driving
  • All the outfits you want for diverse your photos




payable in 1 or 2 installments at no extra cost

  • Preparation meeting
  • 1 to 2 hours session
  • 15 photos* to choose from the gallery
  • 1 to 2 locations (only a few minutes walk apart)
  • 2 different outfits
* If you wish, you can add additional photos when you view your gallery.

You really want to work with me for lifestyle corporate headshots but it’s beyond your budget?

Contact me and tell me, we’ll see what we can create together.












How does a lifestyle corporate portrait session with me unfold?

Before the session

1. Discovery call to see if we’ll get along well

You book a first 15 minutes meeting with me so that I can understand your needs well and see if we can work together.

2. Booking the package of your choice

When you’ve chosen to work with me, you select the package of your choice for your corporate lifestyle portrait session in Montreal. I require a non-refundable 50% deposit (but we can reschedule the session if needed).

3. Preparatory call before your lifestyle corporate headshots session

Once you’ve booked your session, we’ll have a video call to prepare your photoshoot. We’ll discuss about your outfits and the location(s) for your session.

We can also create a mood board to ensure we capture the atmosphere you want for your photos.

la photographe Aurore Degaigne, photographe de portraits corporatifs lifestyle à Montréal, en t-shirt jaune, qui s'est photographiée en selfie pendant une séance photo automnale, assise sur un tronc d'arbre

the corporate headshots photosession

1. The D-day

We meet at the agreed-upon location. We start with a coffee/tea/latte or take a walk to find the first spot for your photos.

The session is a bit like a good time between friends – we walk, talk, and take photos, following my inspiration.

2. When I get back home from the photoshoot

When I get back home, I transfer the memory cards to my computer and ensure to create two backups on different storage devices. The goal is to take no risk of losing your photos, as they are precious, for both of us.


A few days later (to revisit your session with a fresh perspective), I sort and post-process your photos. That’s where I add my personal touch, my beautiful colors, and where I don’t do any retouching in Photoshop 😉.

after the session

1. Delivering your gallery

You discover your photos independently (and, of course, you let me know right away what you think about them 🤩).

You look at which photos you like, those that perfectly fit your personal brand, your website, your social media, and you save your favorites.

And if you want to choose more photos than you initially planned, it’s possible at this point.

2. You download the photos you selected

If you need my opinion on some photos you’re not sure about, I’m here to help you choose.

Once you’ve selected your favorite photos, you can download them directly from the gallery by yourself.

Play Video
aurore degaigne photographe colorée montréal
crédit photo : Marie Deschene


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What you are allowed to do with your photos will be specified in the estimate and the invoice.

In the packages presented on this page, I automatically include the possibility of using the photos on your website and social medias. On your business cards too, of course.

If you need these photos for an advertising campaign on a large screen in downtown Montreal, for example, you will have to pay additional usage rights, which will be calculated based on the scope and duration of the campaign.

Anything is possible! That’s the principle of the personalized session. We will do the photos according to your needs and the image you want to show. We will determine all of this during our preparation meeting.

We can go wherever you want!

For the packages mentioned above, my travel is included within a radius of 20km from my home (generally representing the island of Montreal), but I can go anywhere you want for an additional fee for my travel (the train to the North Shore is really not very expensive, so I can come take photos in the Laurentians whenever you want 🤩).

Typically, you’ll have to wait less than 3 weeks.

If I happen to be in a busy period and the timeframe needs to be extended, I’ll notify you right after the session, or even when we book your session if you want them done quickly and I slot in between two sessions.

If we encounter a technical issue during the session, we reschedule.

If, before the session, either you or I cannot participate for reasons beyond our control (illness, for example), we reschedule.

If the chosen location doesn’t match our expectations or if we believe it won’t be suitable, we choose another location.

For everything else, we’ll talk about it case by case 🙃.

photographie corporative d'une femme entrepreneure féministe à Montreal qui change de ce qu'on peut voir ailleurs